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Avant water is a low carbon footprint alternative to what is currently available in cans, cartons and other single use plastic bottles. Afterall, cans and carton water both rely on a combination of plastic and aluminum which will then need to be separated before the paper part can be reused.

We are proud to say that all our plastic bottles are 100% recycled and form an integral part of the circular economy. The production of the raw materials saves energy in comparison to the amount used to create virgin plastics, making a significant contribution to the lowering of carbon emissions. The recycling of our 100 % recycled bottles forms an integral part of this closed loop system and enables them to be used over and over again.

why 100% recycled bottles

Less Carbon Footprint

Infinitely Recyclable

Environment Friendly


Reduced Waste

Reduced Energy v2

Saves Energy

Economical Transportation

Myth busters

So, why is 100% recycled plastic better for the environment compared to aluminium cans, virgin plastics and carton packaging? We are here to tell the “PET story” with truth, strength and conviction whilst clearing up common misperceptions regarding plastic packaging.


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